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For anyone reading this who is not aware of my obsession for intellectual men who look good in suits, I shall let you know.
I love intellectual men who look good in suits. But only when they are not full of themselves. Note to any hot men in suits, you can only look good being arrogant if you have one of these.
Yup, huge Dr Who fan, right here. Even more so of latest Doctor; dresses like an insecure History professor, has the hair of a posh schoolboy and the voice to match, and the deep, soulful, puppydog eyes that I'd happily fall into.
And he kicks ass! In a bow tie!
This week, he was fighting off some pesky foes: the Weeping Angels. They look like harmless angel statues when you look at them, but if you don't look at them for even a millisecond, they can move at the speed of light. Or faster. And if they touch you, you're fucked. So yeah, gotta look at them all the time. It's a tricky one, even for the Doctor. And unfortunately, I have to wait until next week to find out how he weasled his way out of the latest jam. Life is cruel.
Oh yes, and I also rather want these shoes, worn by Dr River Song, another one of the Doctor's many mysterious ladies.
See, if I had these and could wear them and save the Universe and have a Timelord as a buddy/future husband (ooh, spoilers!) I'd be content. As it is I have no life and a muffin top. Cruel world.

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  1. OM-FRIGGIN-G I looooove Doctor Who! I think the embarrassing exclamation encompasses well enough my severe obsession with anything The Doctor. Matt Smith has made a brill start in his quirky mad professor way, and Karen Gillian also seems good, and darn beautiful! The angels are some of the best villains- I cannot wait until next week, but terrified to turn the lights off due to aforesaid weeping angels.


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