Break me off a piece of Blair

Don't know how sacrilegous it is to be writing this post as I watch the final few moments of The OC Season 3. Poor Marissa. And poor Mischa - her career died in that car-crash too. Has anyone seen The Beautiful Life?
Anyhoo, I had to bring you news (or a reminder, as I seem to be really slow at picking up on these things) of the impending arrival of a Gossip Girl-inspired line of clothing to be stocked at Miss Selfridge from the end of the month.
Yes, ladies! In a few short days YOU can look slutty sexy like Serena....
Prim and pretty like Blair...
Boho-licious like Vanessa...
Or grunge-cool like Jenny.
Yes ladies, for as little as £40, YOU can look like one of your Gossip Girl fashion heroines!
Or you can just do as you presumably have been doing since the show began, and hit the high street post-episodes to catch some lookalike pieces of what the girls wear, and work them into your own personal style.
The beauty of a Miss Selfridge line like this does allow for a woman with very little imagination to get some GG in her wardrobe fast, and I am kind of intrigued to see the Jenny dresses. But a line like this will just spawn more lookalikes than Blair's minions, and ruin the style indiviuality that the show stakes its reputation on. 
Besides, if you really want to look like the girls, you'd go to Harrods.


  1. hmmmm I won't be rushing out to buy it, but I'm intrigued to see what Miss Selfridge comes up with that is different from all the other Gossip Girl inspired outfits on the highstreet.


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