Call me Mr Photoshop, I can make you look hot

Now, normally I wouldn't allow anything as vile as R-Patz on this sacred space (I don't really hate him, he just really isn't all that, and he's just scary in Twilight) I had to put this up. Thankyou Perez Hilton for gifting me with this little ray of Photoshopped sunshine....
Lolz! Even HE looks totally incredulous about his newfound hotness!
And they've even done a Cameron job (I would like to copyright that term in reference to his 'I'll cut deficit' plastic face) on Kristen Stewart, who was hot enough before the Photoshoppers turned her into Huge Forehead Barbie.
WTF is that? It certainly ain't Kristen. Maybe she's going for a role in Toy Story 4.
I also like the ever-so-unsubtle product placement on her left jeans pocket. Twi-hard girls, run screaming to Hollister! If, y'know, you don't already.
(PS Yes there is a photo of  Taylor Lautner but he's so super-hot anyway he doesn't need any Photoshop or mocking.)


  1. I don't get the whole Patz thannng either, he could bump into me down the street and I'd just continue walking,I just don't get it!!?
    What on earth have they done with Kristen,jeez they need to sack whoever is the photoshop dude.Serious.
    It's so funny you've just pointed out the product placement,it gets on my tits big time,I know the point is to make it obvious but eurrrrgh pleasssse.

    great post ;)



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