Candid Camera

RedHead has had a busy day, dear readers. 
  • She is thrilled that she appears to be getting a good steady and not meagre number of hits a day from you lovely people (because statistics are what it's all about)
  • She was delighted that The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony came onto the radio as she was getting ready for work
  • She fell about laughing as the radio station voiceover said 'Jack FM introduces...the cat whisperer. Get the fuck out of our fucking garden!'
  • She has filled out her postal vote and sent it off (it's a good job she decided not to vote Green, because there was a lot of non-essential paper there)
  • She has spent a considerable amount of time browsing pet illness forums and crying at the thought that her poor rat has a brain tumour (never self-diagnose, kids, it makes you an alarmist) 
  • She was intensely frustrated that she left The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest at home and had to read a Marian Keyes novel for the millionth time (still good though). 
  • She nearly screamed in fury at reading on Perez that Brad Pitt is in the running to appear in the shiteous American remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Why must Hollywood shit all over literature?
  • She cried again with laughter at some kids at work making themselves a Transformer outfit out of two cardboard boxes.
  • And she cringed, a lot, at Gordon Brown. 
 I love the picture very much. It makes such light of the tragically hilarious situation. For those of you who didn't hear it (and I am sorry to those of you who aren't British and/or have no interest in the upcoming election but it's my blog and we're playing what we want) our dearly beloved leader Gordon Brown was caught on camera having a lovely chat with a big fan and then heard off-camera and on record calling her a bigot. Nice one. Foot, mouth. 
Interestingly, tonight's episode (re-run) of ANTM has Tyra telling the girls about the paparazzi and how you must always be a model no matter where you are. All our hopeful future leaders must be diplomatic, sincere (which Gordon is clearly not since he grovellingly apologised afterwards, wimp) and a shining example of all they represent. 
She was also a tad nauseated by how OTT the Gossip Girl plot has become. 
And she did all this, wearing this. 
C'mon boots, start walking.
Oooh, my new TopShop shoes arrived. Will wear them tomorrow. They are crazy. 

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