Colour me weekend

Oh it's been a riot of colour here at RedHead Towers. Yesterday it was all about the little hints of pastel....
(MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town, Illamasqua Nail Polish in Wink, Thomas Sabo turquoise cross and totem pole charms)
Whereas today is all about the bold colours and patterns.
(Asos top - should be called 'floral Rorschach')
Just looked outside and it's raining, so my afternoon of archery might be off (yes, everyone needs a hobby. Mine is a neat fusion of my inner Lord of the Ring geek and a desire for a defined upper body) so I may have to spend the afternoon tidying and making more photo collages to decorate my wardrobe. 
Such as my photoboard. I posted these before; I have two, either side of my window. They're just cork noticeboards that I cover with random magazine cuttings. I got bored with one so I re-did it. 
Featuring Freja, Kaya Scoledario (Effy from Skins, really hot) a Narnia Queen-esque shoot that I pinched from Vogue a while ago, part of a prints shoot from last month's Company, Clemence Poesy, Camille Belle, Isabel Blow, and some random text. Yeah, makes me look, like, all fashiony and cool.

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