Farewell, dear friend

For those of you who are very close readers of this blog, you will have noticed that I share something in common with these fabulous women.
Can you tell what it is yet?
No, it's not the rat, obviously. It's the beauty spot, or mole. See there, on my jaw?
Now, I took the time to point that out to you because as of tomorrow at around 9am, I will no longer share that feature with those four women above! Yes, I, in a moment of madness, am agreeing to a doctor with a scalpel take away what might be called a beauty spot. But to me, it's just a mole, that's slightly annoying as it is prone (on youthful combination skin) to spots, skin breaks, rat bites (oh yes) and perhaps something more sinister in the future. So I'm getting rid of it. It'll be weird, as a friend of mine pointed out it helps make my face appear less symmetrical, and also helps to remind me which way my parting is supposed to go. All good reasons, but I think it's time to get rid of the mole.
So as of tomorrow, I will be minus one mole. Fare thee well, mole. I hope we part as friends.

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