Forever young, I wanna be, forever young

I effing hate the vile abomination that is Jay-Z sampling that song with Mr Hudson's whiney little voice murdering it. Filthy sacrilege.
Anyway...I was watching the episode of The OC where Marissa decides that it's her and Ryan's song. I love that concept of having a song, but it does rather ruin what is potentially a perfectly good song if you then break up. I remember my ex giving me The Magic Numbers' first album and I can't listen to it now. Listen to a song called I See You, You See Me and you'll see what I mean.
So, no song this time round. Safest policy.
Anyhoo, this wasn't supposed to be a song post. This was supposed to be a post about how being an adult SUCKS. BIG TIME.
'If we're all going to die the moment we graduate isn't it what we do before that counts?' asks Jenny in An Education (awesome film and sorry, Sandra, but Carey deserved that Oscar wayyyyy more than you.)
For it is a sad state of affairs. Before we finish education, we think we rule the world. We have reached the top of the heap that we've been climbing since we were three years old, and we feel that now we're there, we're invincible. I remember Taylor Townsend, valedictorian in The OC, saying 'there's no-one older than a high school senior, but no-one younger than a college freshman', and when you look at the swagger learned by 18-year-olds from years of education, and the nervous enthusiasm of a first-year university student, you see what she means.
Yet when the merry-go-round stops and you are forced to get off, what then? Wander the fairground alone, standing in the queue for other rides, getting to the front after hours of waiting only to be told 'sorry, this one's not for you'? For there is no template, no guideline, for what happens next. No wonder so many go running back to the merry-go-round in a matter of months.
I, however, haven't got the luxury of being able to run back, so I'm forced to go and stand in another queue. And I just wanted to have a self-indulgent moment to say it sucks. I'm trying so hard to kick-start my life again but I just can't catch a break. Whine whine whine. I should get a guitar. Have you noticed that? All whiney singer-songwriter gimps begin with J. John, Jack, Jason....
But no, the only J I'm on the hunt for is Job. And it's a pretty biblical task in itself.
I just want to be a kid again and not have to worry about this stuff. To be in the beautifully hopeful stage of knowing my whole life is ahead of me, but knowing I have a few more years not to worry about it.
Like these wonderfully whimsical and fun-loving ginger kids. I used to LOVE Pippi Longstocking, living a merry life in Vilakula Cottage with Mr Nelson the monkey and pesky neighbourhood chums Tommy and Anika. I always remember the story where Tommy and Anika came to visit her on a rainy day and found her watering her plants, declaring that she'd been meaning to do it for days and she wasn't going to let a little rain stop her! Hurrah for the Swedes.
And then Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up. Who then of course did go and grow up, become a lawyer and a father, before remembering how to be a kid again and how fun it was. 'A hundred fun summers of sleeping in trees and adventures with Indians and pirates!'
And then Peter Pan and his Lost Boys grew up a bit more and become Lost Teenagers. With the swagger and promise of a bright future that is evident when a person shows their true colours, as they do at this age.
Yet another shameless opportunity for me to plug my favourite film of all time (yes, I've decided it is), Dead Poets Society. It's got the wonderful cheesy moral message of the 80s, poetry, amazing music (RIP Maurice Jarre), and shows the wonder of what it appears to have been like to be a teenage boy with the world at your feet. And because I'm a bit in love with Neil and want to know Charlie.
Now it's all pills and sex. Thanks Skins.
But we'll always have the 80s, where the best way to express your teenage rebellion was to shout inappropriate things in church, smoke out of your window, put your lipstick on with your cleavage or dance like maniacs around your library.
I wish I was a kid in the 80s. Or a kid who knew how to get to Neverland.
Aside from just closing your eyes.
What do you miss about being a kid?

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  1. I... could not agree more.

    I'm not even at uni yet, only been 18 for a few months, but I already resent what trappings of adulthood I have aquired. Rrrgh.

    This is why I don't want to leave uni once I get there.

    I don't miss any previous period of my life, but I know that i'm going to miss now.


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