I am not a bounty hunter. Nor am I a robot.

Spent a blissful day applying for jobs, reading Grazia and putting on shiny glittery hot pink lip gloss. 
A la Marina in the video for I Am Not A Robot. I love the glitter. I have some bright pink gloss that as good as does this.
I spent my evening watching Heston Blumenthal make some truly disgusting-looking gothic-themed food (blood risotto anyone?) and then watching Keira 'kick arse and secure the bounty', in her own words. I do love Domino, not that I've seen much beyond the first half-hour. Keira really needs to eat but her attitude is awesome, and she has fabulous hair. I think I'll get mine cut like that.
 As for my outfit, I decided to debut my new chinos, as it wasn't my day to cook and I could get away with stupidly pale trousers. They are still clean! Result.

I am sitting sulkily on one of the counters at work in the manner of John Bender from The Breakfast Club, as it was past closing and I was listening to a bit of Simple Minds. Good times. I look as surly as a VAV (volcano ash victim). Except I am not wearing ill-advised 'summery clothes' and down to my last dollar/euro, and intending to blame anything on Ryanair. Well, apart from pollution.

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