I want to pack it all in and be a masked crimefighter

I do. It looks like a laugh. 
Apart from that, I spent the day listening to Mika about 100 million times, trying to sing along then realising I can't get as high as he can (FML), reading Perez and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest, selling food to rude Italian kids, and trying not to get water on my new trousers. They are machine-washable but they get watermarks easily. 
But they are so epic I don't care. Safari city. Head-to-ankle Zara. And I am still frothing at the mouth over those shoe-boots. They have rubbery soles so are far more comfortable than any other heel. Plus they make even my feet look svelte and delicate. Elf-boots. I love them. 
I also love my mole, but it will be happy wherever it's going.


  1. cute pants!


  2. OMg u are totally rocking the safari look!!! big spring trend! :D im on the hunt for cargos, khakis and indian jones like clothing myself! :D


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