I wish I was a little bit taller...and blue

Just seen Avatar again as it came out on DVD again here and I obviously went straight out to buy it. I am so in love with the scenery it's unreal. They have it right; save the trees, man. They were here first, they evolved far longer than we did, what right do we have to tear them down?
Ah, all the colours and bioluminescence and tall thin people. 
Well, I can make myself tall.....
I'm working on making myself thin; have foolishly decided I'm going to train for next year's London Marathon. There. Now I can't wimp out. 
I decided it was time to break this one out. This is possibly my favourite piece of jewelry; saved for it and everything! TS obviously, and even though I was sick of turquoise in my youth (it's apparently my birth stone, I was kind of over it) I love it again. So organic and pure, yet not often imitated. And it's blue. We like blue. *sniff*. Right, I'm off to sleep. I hope I dream of Pandora.

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