It ain't over until the normal-sized lady sings

So many things seemed to have happened in the world this week, but nothing bigger *ahem* than the explosion of this hot little story onto the newsstands. 
For those of you who had been under a rock, or on a rock (like me) for the past week, this is French Elle magazine's April issue, featuring on its cover and in its main fashion story the plus-sized model Tara Lynn. According to The Times, she's a UK Size 18. 
Ok, pause for a second, allowing you all to cheer, applaud and, if you're at Elle, pat each other on the backs for coming up with this ground-breaking new approach. 
Now let me hit you round the face with reality. 
In actual fact, I am far less likely to buy this issue than I would if they had a convetional model (colt-like legs, no cleavage to speak of, wrists so thin they can't wave for fear of snapping them) on the cover. And why? Because this cover does nothing that the issue with the skinny cover model hasn't done. It's just gone wayyyy over to the other end of the spectrum. 
The normal woman does not look like this. The normal woman is normal-sized. And thus far, it is the normal woman, not the fat woman, who is so poorly represented in the fashion industry today. 
I really took objection to this one (on the left). No-one wants to see that. No-one should see that, and even Tara knows that (I hope). Surely this was the opportunity for Elle to show what looks work for larger women, not ridiculing them by showing them what they look like in outfits better reserved for their usual skinny mini-models?
Now, I know that people are likely to come down on me like a tonne of bricks over this (ha, as if I'm some sort of celebby type blogger who gets media coverage despite having only been blogging for two months....) so I'd just like to emphasise that I don't hate fat models. They have every right to wear what they want, look how they want, and appear on the cover of fashion magazines, especially if they're as beautiful as Tara. 
Because she is beautiful. 
I just think that Elle wasted their opportunity. And I just think it's high time that a size 12 model (not celebrity) appears on the front cover of a fashion magazine. And then maybe a size 12 with love handles. 
Maybe my mind's a bit clouded by all the overweight British holidaymakers on the beach this week. Eugh. Not hot.

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