Let's get ripped

Ok, my thoughts of the day...
I really want to see Whip It!, the first directorial offering from Queen of Kook Drew Barrymore and the latest vehicle for the lovely Ellen Page, Princess of Kook. It's about a beauty queen discovering roller derby. It's basically the kookiest film in the world. 
I am also getting excited about Gossip Girl once again; this week's episode is back to the old formula of Chuck being a total ass. And I desperately want to play the game they all play for Nate's birthday. 
I am totally obsessed with Perez Hilton, as most sane gossip-hungry people are. 
Feeding a rat banana-flavoured antibiotics should be easy, but it's not. 
And I am still laughing at the hilarity of Balmain thinking that they can charge $1625 for a t-shirt. 
As Perez says, just buy a £20 t-shirt from American Apparel and cut some holes in it. Or leave it in your pets' cage for a week.
Instead, I went to Zara and bought a gorgeous grey ripped shirt with shoulder patches with silver sequins, but heavy so they feel like chainmail. 
Freaky photo huh? I was playing with colour filters in Photoshop. And my face and neck are actually quite red. I've learned that having my haircut results in retarded burning. One of my ears and a small corner of my forehead are bright red. 
I am slightly in love with this £19 Zara t-shirt, esp the shoulders. Should perhaps have bought it in a size smaller but sure I can sneak back. 
Am also totally flipping out over the boots. They are my Lisbeth Salander ass-kicking shoes. They were half price in a hidden sale. Hurrah for life.
I also love my other pair of new kick-ass Wangtastic boots. They do rub a little, weirdly on my sole, but that's life, and that's what plasters are for. It was also the perfect excuse to paint my toenails. 
I am looking forward to wearing lots of shiny new things for the spring and summer, including new trousers which as you may have noticed I rarely buy. I am, unfortunately, doing a week of extra work in the school's tuck shop (so that I can afford a shiny new laptop, hurrah! Do I get pink, red or black? Please suggest!) so I am surrounded by grub. Uh-oh.


  1. Get a red laptop. Then figure out what exact shade it is and dye your hair to match.

    Also, I have a T-shirt like the one above - i've had it since I was 10 and my mother won't let me wear it in public.

  2. For gossip my favorite is Dlisted. So funny!


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