The Long Non-Blondes

I have clearly been watching too many makeover episodes of Top Model, as I'm getting bored of my nearly-new, progressive red undercut. I find myself envying girls like this...

I have a photographer friend who is obsessed with blonde-haired models. I'm a bit bored of them myself; brunette is far more interesting. Edgy and striking, a la Kristen and Freya, yet sophisticated and classic, a la Coco and Michelle. I was so in love with Michelle's hair in Gossip Girl; those rich chocolatey waves were so luscious and spoke of good grooming, elegance and attitude. If I ever grow my hair long, I'm going brunette.
But for now, I will remain RedHead. Extra red at the moment - I normally wait 'til after I cut it to dye it but I was bored yesterday. I love dyeing my hair red, especially with the dye I'm using now, as it looks like my hair is soaked in blood a la Camilla from The Secret History and my inner freak/True Blood obsessive loves the idea. 
Red hair is also fabulous as it makes my prone-to-blotchiness skin look pure, even and dewy by comparison. All that I need is some pale lipstick. And some fab shoes like these. Nothing to do with the hair, just because everyone needs lovely shoes. They make looking down less depressing.

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