Mad Max

I love how Tina Turner (singer of the theme for Mad Max: Thunderdome - see, there was a link there!) is suddenly back in the charts. I was worried that some of the Glee cast had murdered one of her songs but no, apparently a bunch of football fans are getting it into the charts in protest of something or other....I don't understand football.
Anyway, I feel a shopping trip coming on and my list is long. At the top of it is a maxi-skirt. Now, as all good pear-shaped girls know, tube-shaped maxi-skirts are no-gos for us in this hyphen-heavy sentence. But if I had the tube-shape-friendly shape, here are a few styles I would consider working. Thanks to Style.com for the montage.
This would be great for a whole Little House on the Prairie vibe, especially with the floaty skirt (reminds me a bit of the Flora by Gucci campaign) and the chunky terracotta cardigan. I do love the whole 'too many layers, so wrong but right' approach, but feel it only works if the girl modelling said approach is skinny as a rake and has artfully messable ponytail-making ability. Whereas I do not.
So maybe this....
Appeals to my inner elf queen with the long, dark green coat-dress and knotted belt, and makes you look a bit like some sort of exotic flower with the yellow skirt. A gorse princess. Very Braveheart.
Aha, the Serena van der Woodsen look, aka wham-bam-thankyou-ma'am look-at-my-curves-bitches way of dressing. Best reserved for those with all the right friends in all the right places. And by friends, I mean curves. I just got stuck on a music loop.
This one's great; very European cheer and colour with a 20s-actress look about it (the scarf on the head) and a Galliano-like nod with the hat. Plus, I already have boots just like that. The skirt would probably be the best for me (aside from the yellow one) as I think I spy an A-line shape.
Finally, had to feature that one because not only is it cute, workable and with a colour palette that no-one need feel threatened by, it's a blogger: Denni of ChicMuse! See the link in my list of favourites.
So, that's hit one on my shopping list. I also have lots of versatile longline tops, anything that will make me look like a Sportmax AW '10 model and something from Erin Wasson's jewellery collection.
Yes, this is my dream list. Dreams are allowed.

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