Michelin Timelord

I am aware that I was nonsensically rambling in my last post. The point I was trying to get across was that, as Sister Wolf from Godammit, I'm Mad wondered, why a blogger whose entire success is based on a massive and devoted readership casts those readers out in the cold by disabling comments, and without our readers, what is our blog? (I love you readers.)
Sounds like a musing better left to this guy.....
Ah David, the TimeFox himself. BBC tv has never been quite so geek-chic. But yes, he is particularly good at his cyclical musings. 
Et voila! Je suis le Michelin Timelord. Michelin because the horizontal stripes do make me look a bit Michelin Man-like. And Timelord because.....
See what I did there? Though actually, since I'm also wearing a heart pendant, I've got three. So I'm a Timelord and a half. 
Right, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back in time so I can get turned into a vampire by Godric, experience the Dark Ages, meet Elizabeth the First and dance around to 80s music, actually in the 80s. It's gonna be busy.

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  1. Skarsgard as a Viking....getting turned into a vampire by Godric. That would be a sight to see!!!


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