On the Rebound

Obviously this post will have nothing to do with being on the rebound; it's the name of a piece of music by Floyd Cramer that is used as the opening music for An Education. It's very upbeat and perfect for cycling to work. Or dancing round at work while hoping no-one comes in. 
I just had to show you this brownie, otherwise known as The Most Epic Brownie in the World. It's basically melted chocolate inside a protective yet thin layer of cake, topped with chocolate drops and a raspberry. It is made of win. 
Wait.....there's an Ipod in my box of Freddos! Lolz at my whimsy. My Ipod lived here most of the day, meaning I kept trying to make a bar of chocolate play music for me. I knew there was a good reason why I picked the purple Ipod. 
See, how cool is my workplace? The chapel is right above me, to the left is my cafe and to the left is the school playing field. I can walk across it in aviators listening to Simple Minds and feel like John Bender. Without the delinquency and the whole parrot-face. 
I can also groove away at work (it was a bar before the licensing laws ruined underage drinking funtimes) in my stupid shoes. They hurt like heck but they are so beautiful. Must...practice...walking...like....human.

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  1. Love the outfit! :D and the shoes are KiLLEr! may literally kill the heels but they look fierce!


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