Peggy and Cleggy

Only a few days ago I was saying it needed to rain; the ground was dry and it was weird. So today, it did. 

So subsequently I didn't wear my nice new shoes; cutaway heels, canvas and rain do not mix. So instead I got out my DKNY (Activ) black heeled boots. These are heavy duty. They have a metal adjustable clasp and padding around the ankles. Last time I wore them they felt really high, now they feel weirdly natural. Goes to show!

I was going to wear double denim today but my pale blue demin shirt needed a wash, so I'll try that at a later date. 

Instead I stuck with something nice and conventional, that works best when I'm sitting down as you can't see my huge hips. 

Haircut tomorrow, and I think I'll get the 'Domino' - Keira's cut in the afore-named film. It's basically what I have now, but shorter without such a severe undercut. 

Otherwise, relatively quiet day cycling to work in the rain (put my hood up underneath my helmet; if I'd come off my bike and landed on my head my brain probably wouldn't have noticed), reading books and learning more about a washing machine, then came home and watched three grown men acting like children. Ah, politics. Gordon Brown played the same broken record on repeat, David Cameron avoided making eye contact with his competition in case his face melted, and Nick Clegg tried to win us all over with his earnesty and by seeming to put all his cards on the table. 

We need a strong woman in politics. And an attractive one, a young one. 

I am working my way towards the end of Mad Men Season 2, so I can get on to Season 3 and buy the boxset. I continue to fall more in love with Peggy (thanks to a dear reader for pointing out that I keep writing Betty instead of Peggy, I am easily confused), whose ballsiness has led her to snag a new office. She's wonderfully witty and wears fabulous clothes. And left getting screwed over by a man behind in Season 1. 

So, tomorrow is Friday! Hurrah! Parents are away for the night so I plan to eat massive amounts of chocolate in front of New Moon. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking of Taylor Lautner. It's so wrong.


  1. Surely you mean Peggy and not Betty? Betty setting foot in an office??

  2. I know, I always make that mistake....:P


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