Peter Pan

That's what this dinky little trend reminds me of. 
From catwalk....
...to Redhead.
I knew that extra-long thin leather belt I got with my Zara green trousers would be useful for something. Worn with a khaki tunic it's like something out of Lord of the Rings/Peter Pan, yet still catwalk! Things are looking up.


  1. Omg u love Zara dont you hahah here in canada its mucho expensive!! but i always save up! their items are AMAZIng. like this belt! so unique! and can be sooo versatile!!

    Ps. i pretty much know every lyric/facial expression and accompanying dance move to any Lonely Island song.

    They get me through university blues! :P

  2. You mean looking like an elf is COOL now? You can buy things for it?

    *runs to shops*


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