The Red Queen

Still in Alice mode as I can't quite get over the awesomeness of the film. So in true Alice mode, and because it's April and thus spring (undeniably, although it's bloody cold) I put on some OTT floral tights and went and sat among some daffodils.
I also enjoyed my other new nail varnish colour, Nails Inc's Haymarket; my mum dressed me in turquoise for years so I got sick of it, but like it again now. Jewellery too. 
See how loud these tights are? Glad I didn't have to go very far as they do rather draw attention to your legs and I'm not a huge fan of mine. I mean, they get me from A to B but....
Ok, while we're moping about our bodies, I'd rather just have hers. 
Kaya Scodelario, aka Effy from Skins, aka the hottest young British actress around. Literally. She is so hot it makes me sad inside. 
Asos Magazine did a shoot with her as their main feature; excellent call Asos.

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  1. Oh WOW! they are loud! I think floral tights ARE RELLY HARD TO ROCK. But i think u do a great job with this outfit! :D Excellent outfit combo.


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