RedHead's Holiday

The time has come, the walrus said. It was always going to happen, blog fans; I am being dragged away from my laptop for a nice holiday. 
No, I'm not going here. And unlike the vast majority of the population, this is not what it looks like inside my head. I will not sycophantically/'quirkily' lie like that. The inside of my head is much, much bigger, encompassing scenes ranging from Lord of the Rings to Sex and the City to Dead Poets Society, depending on what mood takes me. There is no restrictive Red Queen, or rather there are many restrictive characters, but not one overarching one. I can go where I like, and I don't need a key or magic potion, unless, of course, I choose to need to. 
Anyway, I digress. As of tomorrow the best place to find me is far more representative of Whale Rider, one of my favourite films, about a little Maori girl going against the wishes of her village, and her grandfather, the chief, to assume her rightful place as the next chief. It's got some gorgeous scenery and music and the lead actress is excellent.
Unfortunately I'll be in Devon, not New Zealand, so it'll be wetter and colder with fewer whales, but it's good enough.
Staring pensively out over the sea like some tragic widow/plucky adventurer/Johnny Depp. Only with less hair, no dead husband and not much pluck. I need an adventure.
So that means that there won't be any posts from me for a week. It will be tough. I will have to ramble to strangers about Elle covers and accessories for Fall '10, while living solely in one outfit and getting away with it. But I will miss you all very much. 
Plus, it's going to take my post title for this month right down. Can't believe I did 63 posts last month! Madness! 
Anyhoo, have lovely Easters, and I'll be back soon. Pip pip cheerio.

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