RedHead's Make-Up Bag

I couldn't resist, as I've been promising a sneaky peak in my make-up bag for a while. I bet you're all WELL excited.
This is what I will be taking with me on holiday, and pretty much my staple everyday make-up kit. Brushes (big for face and little for eyes) are both from H&M; their make-up range seems to have been sidelined but they did brilliant brushes at a fraction of the price you'd pay for the branded ones. The moisturiser, which I mix with my foundation to stop it looking too heavy and stop my face drying out, is from Skin Therapy. I did have another one from Organic Surge, courtesy of Grazia Best Letter prize (hurrah! all those months ago) but it's walked. And it smelled so good....sad. 
Ok, back to the make-up. The foundation du jour is Bourjois Healthy Mix; it's very light and very pale, which is good, and SPF, which can't be bad. 
Here is a complete line-up of the foundations and powders that I use. Yes, I know, but a girl's got to have variety. When I feel like powder I go for No7 or MAC; both are very pale and easy to apply. For foundation, it's Bourjois, Bobbi Brown as recommended by Charlie Jade, which I love and am thus treasuring, or MaxFactor Lasting Performance. 
 The blusher is 17, as you can probably see; they do the best range of colours. I've bought more expensive blushers and these ones are still the best; soft yet go on evenly and don't come with their own, very annoying, mini-brush. Who applies blusher on the go? Oh yes, clowns. 
Eye make-up is largely Chanel, or at least the mascara and eye pencil are. Both brilliant, can't recommend them enough. The pencil is called La Crayon Khol and it leaves a really thick and strong yet clean line. The mascara is called Exceptionnel De Chanel and it's easily the best mascara I've ever used. I also take a pot of eyeshadow; MAC's Carbon, the blackest black I could find. 
It's really hard to find a good eyebrow pencil; most are either the wrong colour or too light. Mine is from The Body Shop; it's a bit darker than my brows but I'd prefer that to much lighter, and it lasts longer than any other I've tried. The lipliner is a L'Oreal, and I have a red one from Prestige cosmetics, a really underated brand. 
And finally, the lipstick, which is from the new Rouge Chanel line. Seriously (they are not paying me to say this) I couldn't ask for anything more from a lipstick. With great colours and long-lasting moisturisation, this really is the only lipstick a girl needs. The colour seen above is Gabrielle. 
And here's a line-up of my top five favourite lipsticks of the moment. From left to right, Rouge Chanel in Mademoiselle (the one from the ads, a perfect pink), Lancome Color Fever in Rock Icon Fuscia, Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Black Cherry, Rouge Chanel in Paris and Gabrielle, and MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town.
Right, that's my essentials done! Clothes are already in the bag. One more thing....
I go through phases of wearing big jewellery, and then switching to small again. Thomas Sabo also do gorgeous charms, and these are two from their Summer, Navajo-inspired range. The one on the right is actually a tiny totem pole, even though it looks like a cross.
Cripes is that the time? Right I'm off to bed. See you all in a week!

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