Tis the hour for flower power

Apparently the forecast for the rest of the month is excellent, which is nice. Spring should be given a considerable amount of time to revel in its own glory. 
 I love taking photos against a clear blue sky. And these flowers are just crying out for an Erdem dress tribute or a McQueen decoupage-esque revival. Good floral prints are like art and should be preserved for the best occassions and best fabrics. Anything else is cruel. 
Like my shoes. See, I can always bring shoes back to this. 
I bought them last autumn and never got around to wearing them. I shouldn't wear them with socks but it was getting cold and my nail polish is chipping. I'm vain. 
I also got told I look like a cross between a dodgy French onion seller and a pirate. I like that.

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  1. i absolutly love your outfit!
    and beautiful pictures!



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