Wangtastic subject of school-girl fantasy

I'm back to my musical post titles; this one may sound narcassistic, but it's purely because my brother is listening to The Police across the landing, which is impressive considering he tends to favour Schubert, Wagner, Sibelius et al. 
Obviously, Sting never used the word 'Wangtastic', but I felt the outfit I wore yesterday was; Wangtastic elf. 
What with the knotted belt and elfy colours combined with sporty luxe (and my sporty physique - I don't do svelte, I do solid). I really do need to find a new jacket for spring/summer, maybe some sort of trench, but there is so much other fun stuff I'd rather buy. Mostly from Zara. I am a bit obsessed with Zara; it's delivering a gorgeous SS palette of safari greens and golds with some cool jazzy t-shirts and even a few *cringe* florals. So everyone is happy.
Yay! This is my happy face, don't you know.

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