The Woman who looks like a Man

Hurrah, I got my hair cut again. It's very satisfying to get rid of so much hair. I didn't have a massive amount to begin with but you could have made quite a sizeable mat from the hair that I had in my lap by the end.
So I decided I was bored of the undercut because while I loved the contrast, the heavy longer side was a tad oppressive. I am now sporting a cut a bit like this....
My mum used to say that I look a lot like Keira. When Keira was in Bend it like Beckham and wore a headband all the time. I used to wear a headband whenever I went running.
So it's not really a compliment. But I've bigged up the eye makeup today and darkened my eyebrows (yes, really) so we will see if I actually do look like Keira later.
It's very weird to have hardly any hair again. I try to shake it out when it gets rained on and the only thing that moves is my fringe, which is above my eyebrows for the first time in months. Weirrrrrrd.
It got me back onto the subject of short hair on girls. How supposedly only the most confident and beautiful women look good with short hair.
See? Wonderful, successful actresses. Cute pixie-crops. Win-win. (I decided just to go in for actresses today. Do you have any short hair idols that I've missed?)
Every time I think of pixie-cuts, I think of Julia Roberts in Hook. Because she's a pixie, and the cut is cute. And she is super-cute in the film. Not just because she's about 4 inches tall.
So, yeah, basically, you need confidence to carry off short hair. Or you need to know you look horrendous with long hair, like I do.
And if you are forced into having a short haircut on, say, ANTM, you need to not be a stupid princess about it and accept that any girl can get away with long, brown hair, but not any girl can looking smokin' with a short blonde crop. Yeah Cassandra, you be STUPID.


  1. *Like* Completely agree. Long hair unoriginal and samey.

    Plus me with long hair bad. It also means it's easier to go weird colours (like purple and blue :D )

  2. I keep wanting to cut all my hair off and dye it a pastel shade. I would right now if I wasn't growing it to make dreads.


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