Anyone for a spot of nude sunbathing?

Chill peoples. You don't actually have to be nude. You just have to be IN nude.
As in, wearing one of summer's beautiful flesh-toned dresses.
Yup, the smart ones amongst you will see where I'm going with this. Note, if you will, how well the three ladies above match their nude tone dresses to their actual skin tone. Dita goes for almost glassily pale, Christina (hubba) picks an English Rose-like tone, and Angelina chooses a more pigmented shade. All subtle variations on the theme, all decidedly nude tones.
The fashion world was thrown into a PC frenzy this week over Michelle Obama's dress. Someone described it as nude-toned. First off, they're retarded; this is gold, champagne, even yellow at a push, but if anyone is this shade nude I suggest they get their liver looked at. But most importantly, there is no way you can call this colour nude when it's being worn by a woman who, well, clearly isn't this colour nude.
So does this make the shade 'nude', or rather naming a shade thus, racist? Or does it just call for reclassification? All varying shades of brown, tan, pink, peach, ivory and beige be renamed 'nude'? (Oh, and of course orange. Let's not forget my abusive tanning tirade of last week.)
I'll be honest with you, until this whole issue blew up I genuinely did not think of this. But now that it's been highlighted, (and it just had to be done by the stereotype-busting Obamas, didn't it) I am amazed that it's flown so under the radar for so long.
But it's not like the nude tone can be called racist, because the vast majority of skin colours aren't catered for by the shade. To be honest, the tone that I most commonly associate with the name 'nude' is also descrived as shell pink, and so would only really be considered a nude tone when referring to Miss Piggy or an over-pixelated Disney princess.
So in short, it's yet another issue that's been blown out of proportion. The nude tone is universally racist because it only caters for a small percentage of the variety of colourings in the world. But of course, it's only when the extreme case occurs that it makes headlines.
I'm still laughing at the person who described that dress as 'nude' tone, though.

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