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Apologies for my rambling on yesterday's posts, I was a combination of depressed by the day's proceedings and a bit champagne-headed as a result of it being my dad's birthday.
Today is not much brighter, aside from the fact that it's Friday, there's new Dr Who tomorrow and new True Blood tonight. The country is still pretty up in the air and looks to stay that way for a good while.
So I thought I'd lift some spirits by showcasing some of the better things to come out of Britain. It's been bubbling over for quite a while but the fashion scene has erupted with a hot new tribe, a modern Brat Pack. Multi-talented young hipsters with portfolios as long as their legs and perhaps a famous relative. From Alexa Chung, model turned tv personality and general It girl, to Agyness Deyn the chip-shop success story, Britain truly has got talent.
This whole post started with Daisy Lowe, who's on the front cover of this month's Vogue supplement, and inside showcasing some choice high street looks. The love-child (see, how effing cool are you if you're someone's love child) of musician-turned-designer Pearl Lowe and musician and general beautiful man Gavin Rossdale, Daisy's good looks were bound to occur naturally. But she's also a pioneer of a certain type of girl; the Noughties sex symbol with curves, a grungy aesthetic and brains to boot. Here she is in possibly my favourite photo of her ever taken, as part of a campaign for Pringle of Scotland.
Hard to believe that this is Pixie Geldof, also in a campaign for Pringle of Scotland. The model and daughter of Sir Bob and sister of hard-partying Peaches has sensibly kept herself off the wild party scene and concentrated on her career as a successful model, picking up the punky waif look left by Kate Moss, but with the bob and cute fluttering eyes of Twiggy.
Another lady made famous from birth by her actor daddy Ray is actress Jaime Winstone, known for her engagement to Lily Allen's brother Alfie and for her roles in hard-hitting films like Donkey Punch and the harrowing docu-drama Five Daughters. Her dad's no celebrated hottie, but Jamie's got sharp features and the versatile quirkiness that is characteristic of the new Brit Brat Pack. Plus, I've never seen her with the same hairstyle twice.
Then there's the phenomenon that this Florence Welch, who is known for her trademark red hair and her extravagant style of performing and dressing, both of which have got her plenty of attention and no doubt plenty of clothes! I used to find Florence incredibly annoying because, let's face it, in the wave of new pretentiously kooky artists, Florence is surfing that wave like there's no tomorrow, but the girl's got a voice, she's a total stunner and you can't knock a fellow member of your redhead sisterhood, now can you? Plus her video for The Dog Days Are Over  (which, actually, did not inspire this post title but can be seen as doing that!) is so weirdly awesome. I want that furry dress that she dances around in like a devil worshipper.
Yet for all her strange occult-esque videos, Florence appears to be a real angel. Unlike Coco Sumner, the daughter of legendary rocker Sting and with bucketfulls of talent like her daddy. As well as fronting her own band, I Blame Coco, Coco has appeared in campaigns for Burberry alongside the Deynster, and has graced the cover of Pop magazine. All while looking like a grimy street urchin that was raised by wolves.
Talking of wolves, I have happily been treading Mowgli's Road thanks to my new favourite musical artist (sorry, Coco), Marina Diamandis, aka Marina and the Diamonds. Her music combines sparkily optimistic tunes with cool synths, biting lyrics and Marina's powerhouse voice. Plus, she's a style rulebreaker who has been seen out in public wearing a dress with a hippo face on it.
Kaya Scodelario, otherwise known as Effy Stonem from the tv phenomenon Skins, probably wouldn't be seen dead in Marina's Yang Du hippo dress. Like her character, Kaya is often styled in hard-edged glunge looks, allowing her steely beauty to shine through and complementing the icy demeanour that Effy is famed for. Sure Kaya has done other stuff, such as appearing in the critically acclaimed film Moon (directed by David Bowie's son, famous dads have got it going on!), but I'll always know and love her for her blunt observations and her penchant for smudged kohl and band t-shirts.
And finally, a new face on the scene but one who I hope will be making waves over the next few years, the hottest thing to appear on the BBC in quite some time, Karen Gillan. She's the 22-year-old former model who snapped up the most coveted role in the Universe alongside Matt Smith as the stars of Dr Who. Scottish-born Karen has since settled into her role quite happily, ticking all the right boxes as a true companion for the 21st century. Skirts so short and legs so luscious they make your gran's eyes fall out and the male populations' tongues loll out? Check. Making a pass at the Doctor so steamy that The Daily Mail (British newspaper and *ahem* pinnacle of decency) writes a damning complaining article? Check? Striking a blow for gingers everywhere? Let's hope so.

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