'Call me Mr Photoshop' strikes again

Lovely Perez has brought to my attention the latest promo poster for Sex and the City 2, hitting screens at the end of the month.
Oh, wait, this is serious?
Gone are the days when Carrie and co spent episodes ranting about 20something girls. Now it seems that the powers that be have deemed that these girls should be singing from a different hymnsheet. No more celebrating ageing gracefully.
And not even a subtle attempt to iron out the creases. The editors appear to have given Kim Catrall a completely different layer of skin on her face. It poses like Samantha. It smiles like Samantha. It may well have been Samantha, thirty years ago.
And they have insisted on overenhancing SJP's mad eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if they install lazers behind them to scare off underage viewers.
As the old franchise gets yet another glamourous makeover to bring in the age-old adoring crowds, the traces of the Carrie et al they know and love are fast fading. Instead, the women who grew up loving the girls for their honest, no-nonsense attitude and normal looks, are now faced with a glowing, poreless poster for how old and tired they themselves must look. Shame on Hollywood for, once again, proving that age is not just a number, it's the dreaded final countdown.

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