Cute, sweet, fantastic

When I was in London I discovered some important things. 
  1. I love Kensington, but can't see myself living there til I'm 35, loaded and with a handsome husband and two golden-haired pretentious children. For now I'm more of a North London, messy hair and bold makeup, Oyster Card abuse and being young and old at the same time. 
  2. I am not cut out to become a servant of the filthy rich and their whims just yet, which is a good job, because I got overlooked for a fashion researcher job for a bespoke travel website. So no brown-nosing the fat cats for me, at least, for a while. Which is good. I want to help the people like me, the Robin Hood of fashion. 
  3. They are right when they say that London is dirty. You come out of the Tube feeling a fine film of dirt and sweat all over you. I had my makeup done earlier in the morning and by the end of the day my skin was slicker than your average burger. Gross. 
  4. But I need to be there, more than ever. 
I also discovered how stylish Londoners are. I guess it's because there's more cultures and walks of life there, so we're more likely to notice the good dressers and less likely to zoom in on the bad. 
Topshop is the perfect place for that; all the hipsters from far and wide flock there. 
And I had a sneaky trip. I was absolutely shocked and appaled that they appear to have phased out their strawberry laces. Nowhere makes good strawberry laces anymore. My life sucks. 
My life is slightly better by the maxi-dress/skirt that I bought, which I will show in due course. It's meant to be a sleeveless dress with a fitted boob tube bit to hold it up, but I hate those designs so I thought I'd roll the top down and belt it. Fun times. 
Another thing I bought, or rather bought into, is the pale pale pastel shades a la Burberry SS10. 
Not only did it come up with the belts, this collection gave the girlie girls the perfect antidote to the khaki colour palette; cute, sweet, fantastic. And also physically fit. (Madagascar quote, btw.)
Awwww, look at me all cute and purple and frilly!

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