Desperate times and scary transformations

The more I stare into the haunted, dead-thing-of-wonder eyes of the entity that is Erin Wasson....the more familiar she starts to look.

Wrong, isn't it? But as potty-mouthed as the swamp thing formerly known as Ke$ha is (big love to Perez for the term 'swamp thing', cried with laughter), I just love her cute little button nose and freckles, and at least she appears to have had the decency to shower for her latest video Your Love is my Drug.
Also, the more I stare, half-hypnotised by all the PVC, at Christina Aguilera's latest video for Not Myself Tonight, the more I think, 'hell yeah, you're not yourself. You're Madonna, Britney and Gaga and you're DESPERATE.'

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