Dilemma - changing hair?

RedHead has a dilemma, readers. She is thinking of changing her hair colour.
Yes, really. RedHead is aware now more than ever how her choice of blog domain name has become a bit of a trap.
So what do we think? Should RedHead become a non-redhead? I've been brunette before, it was a bit dodgy but I'm sure I could pick a better shade this time. I desperately want to go platinum but I think I need to talk to my hairdresser about that one.


  1. You could compromise on the platinum by going an edgy pastel shade. Pastel pink, pastel blue. I've always wanted to do that if I had short hair.

  2. Oh you're a braver girl than me. I think you either go platinum or a browny red colour.

    Love Jojo xxxxxx

  3. Is it possible to have hair entirely composed of light?
    Failing that i'm with zoe, i can see you with pastle hair.


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