Don't give up...that's just the way it is

Whenever I have a down day, I listen to some Peter Gabriel to wallow, then perk it up with, today....no not effing Tu-Pac, some Phil Collins. Don't knock Phil. Personal life aside, the man is a musical god.
It was a cold, windy day and very quiet at work, so perfect for feeling lonely and doing some deep thinking, and stressing about the autumn and careers. Argh life is a knackering stressful business, especially when you aren't really living it.
That's my emo self on the left, trying to hide in plain sight from real life and progression, and my positive self giving a disapproving look. My positive self is Kate Bush to my negative emo self's Peter Gabriel. It's easy to wallow, but there's very little point. If you spend your whole life wallowing, you're just a hippo. Which is fine. If you actually are a hippo. But I am not. I am a beluga whale. I am RedHead. I AM FASHIONISTA, HEAR ME ROAR. 
Here's to empowerment, progression and drawing strength from your friends, motivation, knowledge and ass-kicking shoes. 
Here's also to style. Regardless of circumstance, as I demonstrated yesterday in my rambling post about Astrid Magnussen, style can become a reflection of circumstance, but should always be a reflection of the best that you can be, and the best that you want to be. Fully commit to your style, your persona, be honest and true to yourself, and believe. And believe me, this is hard for me too. 

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  1. you cannot wallow because today is SATC day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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