Double or Nothing

It's a day of doubles. We've lost one Prime Minister and gained another, lost one leading party and gained another. I lost one set of video applications that I did for a recruiters', but I gained another, with luck better set. I've lost two rats underneath my bed (relax, they're pets) who got freaked out by something but with luck they'll come out soon.
I was hoping to do a thoughtful, insightful post based around something a friend of mine said to me about the value of fashion, but I've got two pets to catch. So it's mostly going to be photos today. 
Love on a real train. 
I took these on the way back from London yesterday, hence the crappy quality and the reflections of the strip lights. I love sunsets. I also love lush green countryside, and fields of oilseed rape. Dodgy name, beautiful in massive quantities. Also weird. 
Also made better by eating M&S raspberry jelly with real raspberries suspended in it (greatest jelly in the world, fact) and reading the last few, jubilant chapters of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest. 
So today it was as if winter had returned; a bleak day and bleak weather. Cold and windy. Nasty. I needed a blanket. 
But I did have some nice insulating denim to keep me warm. 

Double denim. Difficult business. I haven't got it quite right; the shirt finishes juuuuust around where I get wide, and the rolled-up sleeves don't help to disguise this. Maybe a belt. It's tricky. 
But if it's about comfort, denim's got it nailed. 
Oh, and speaking of comfort....
New shoes? Check. Nod to the sport luxe trend? Check. 
Cheery, comforting panda socks that really shouldn't be worn with these shoes but made me feel better about a chilly day where a man whose face is like a buttock with eyes and a mouth is in charge of our country. One of the pupils came out with that description. It's pretty accurate. And hilarious.

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