Earthquakes and Sharks

'Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are' - Quentin Crisp.
Was notified of this quote for the first time when watching Worried About The Boy, the tv drama about Boy George. He had style. It wasn't fashionable, but at that time, fashion wasn't fashionable. 
I am torn between being fashionable and cultivating a look that evolves with time. One is considerably easier than the other, but one is probably more rewarding. 
Having style is also knowing what suits. Today's outfit, while containing something that was fashionable, did not suit me.The savvy amongst you will recognise it as the famous, sell-out crocodile print dress from Christopher Kane's range for TopShop. Now, I don't much like Christopher Kane (I prefer to back the underdog) but I loved this so much I had to have one. I was also very amused that they'd sold out online and in all London stores and people were fighting over them on Ebay, and Bristol still had loads. 
But yes, the outfit does not suit me. Obviously for work I cannot get away with wearing just the dress as it's a bit clingy thus mildly obscene, so I had to wear it with jeans. The length isn't quite right for someone of my shape, so I did my best to subtly hike it up without ruining the design/amusing 'vagina dentata' imagery effect. 
I also should NOT have worn a cap-sleeved t-shirt underneath as it doesn't work with the very high neckline. Without the top underneath, or with a long-sleeved top, the neckline works ok as there isn't another conflicting line clashing with it. But with the short sleeves it makes my neck look fat and my arms look fat. I swear it's muscle. It tenses up in the gym and everything. 
So yes, fun outfit, bit of a failure, elevated by some wonderful deep purple lipstick and some excellent lighting.
Excellent. See, I think it would have worked without the t-shirt underneath and with bigger hair. (Also I think I'm going to go back to the undercut, as this hairstyle does nothing for me. But that's another story.)
Ah well. Many more days in the year. 
The weather was fantastic today, so I felt the need for a summery tune. Hence the post title - Earthquakes and Sharks is a song featured on The OC by a band called Brandtson. It's great, upbeat and fun. 
Now it's late, I'm sitting at my laptop in a loose nightie listening to Sting. It must be nearly summer.

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