Feed me, Seymour!

Ha, my humour makes the sides of my mouth raise a millimetre. I named this post thus because I named the photos of myself today 'Audrey' and 'Audrey 2'. 
I do not smile in photos. I try. I look deranged/fat/weird/unnatural. My boyfriend doesn't understand the need to look cool and serious in stereotypical blog photos, and tries to make me smile like some sort of perky yearbook picture. Do. Not. Want. 
I wanted to wear a skirt today. I also know full well that I don't look good in cotton, clingy American Apparel skirts that are extra-clingy when I wear tights underneath them. 
But I spent too much time entertaining images such as this....
Instead I ended up with this.
Yes. So please don't feed me, Seymour. Unless it's laxatives. 
Ha. I don't promote that sort of thing. 
I do, however, promote waist-belts, black heeled shoe-boots (these are still kind of unnerving to walk in on slippery floors, well on most floors actually) Marina and the Diamonds and the Liberal Democrats. Vote wisely tomorrow Brits!

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