Fight in the shade

Dude, 300 posts! That's nearly one a year for every day this blog has been contaminating your internetwaves! Awesomesauce. 
So, accordingly, here is a photo. 
I love this film. Not watched it for ages, should do that. The first and last time Gerard Butler is sexy and not a total tosser. And yes, even in PS I Love You. 
If the 300 were around today (as in, this very day) they would definitely need to fight in the shade. It was freaking BOILING. My poor rats were lying in the corner of their cage, panting. I had to go to work for a few hours and nearly died of heat exhaustion on the bike ride over. Did I mention it was about 26 degrees?
Luckily the school's lovely Headmaster bought me an icecream and it was really cool in the venue. Phew. Plus for the rest of the day I got to drift around in an oversized denim shirt. 
I was in a hurry and thus couldn't do decent photos. (I really need to change the pics on my wardrobe) Plus it was hot in my room, which is south-facing. But here is my ensemble: denim shirt-dress I got in the Warehouse sale, Office wedge sandals (as seen on Florence Welch, wooo!) and leather and studded bag from Topshop. I bought the bag last year and it's still in the shops. 
Talking of Topshop, I discovered several fabulous things there today when my mum and I went out to the garden centre and the shopping mall. Including strawberry laces. Pictures to come. Hurrah for swag posts!
So I handled my hot day well in my loose denim shirt. But wait! Something's missing!
Heyyyy! There we go! 
Gotta go, my rat is chewing the strap of the afore-mentioned bag. Thanks for the support people! Here's to the 400th!


  1. love your denim shirt dress, congratulations on the 300 posts and having your blog for a year!
    mine is a year old too!
    would you like to link swap?

  2. Wow, you are defo rocking that denim shirt dress! Love the aviators too!
    And I know what you mean about the weather... can't believe how hot it is at the moment. Ridiculoussss.

    - Anna Jane xxx


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