The Final Portion - Z is for...Zero + Maria Cornejo

Apologies for the lack of post yesterday blog fans. I was up at 7am (which is a toughie for me) and had a full day of running around at my place of work/school's speech day, helping clean up and applauding intermittedly. Came home, watched Philadelphia (which I'd never seen before and am now more thoroughly affirmed in my belief that Tom Hanks is the greatest actor in the world) and went to bed. 
Plus was slightly disheartened to post my outfit after some fellow fashionistas on the highly addictive sight Lookville said they didn't like my trousers. They are the Topshop ones I wore in the 'Ramona in Pyjamas' post. They are good for big hipped people as they are floaty yet substantial, dark and straight up and down, plus with big pockets set on the front of the leg as opposed to the sides. But no. I've got a long way to go before I go pro. 
Never mind, it can all be fixed with some better clothes in the future. Today I have little intention of wearing anything exciting as it's Sunday and my daily chores include a bikeride on the hunt for Ocean Spray Cranberry Squash. But I do have some soup for those of you desperate for fashion sustenance. 
With some of the letters, I had a designer in mind. Z, however, was tricky, as there aren't that many designers beginning with Z anyway, and my trusty Style.com only had two. I passed over Zac Posen as his AW10 collection is both messy and uninspiring. But the other collection was much better. Here's a little something from Zero + Maria Cornejo, the label of Chilean designer Maria Cornejo, who began her career in 1998 with a Nolita-based store called 'Zero'. Not knowing very much about how she learned her craft or the typical style of dressing among Chilean designers, my immediate go-to was the style of the Japanese, with the architectural drapery and muted palate. 'Unpretentious', her work has been called. Each outfit seems to be a game of two halves, as with designers like Yamamoto; beautiful yet edgy, simple yet complex. A duality perfectly represented by the footwear from her SS10 collection. 
I also love how she makes beanie hats seem like the most suitable accessory for an evening dress.

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