'Got to fly, got to fight, got to crow!'

Spent a nice afternoon wandering around, buying presents and things in the sales, allowing my Ipod's shuffle function to dictate my mood. It rolled around to the Hook theme, so I spent the afternoon thinking about the film and guess what was on Channel 5 this evening? Gotta love weird twists of fate. 
I also started the day wearing a black corduroy jacket and white paint-splattered boots, but I thought I would get too warm. Plus it was sunny when I left the house. So I switched. 
Epic jacket. Got it at a vintage fair about a year and a half ago. It came with a matching skirt but there is no way in hell I'd ever fit into it so my much skinnier housemate got it. I've hardly worn the jacket, but after putting it on today I really should wear it more. It's light, comfortable, the sleeves push up really well and the lining is bright purple silky wonder. Winner.
Also finally got around to wearing a cream striped vest-top that my mum saw in The Times Style and loved, then bought and didn't like, so I got it. She's one stylish lady.
Oh, and I just remembered why I thought digging out this jacket was a good idea.
Stella McCartney SS10. In the back of my red Ferrari. Fashion, I'm in fashion.

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  1. Ahhhh this jacket is insane. The colour is absolutely perfect on you. I want me one....

    Love Jojo xx


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