Gotta get bad before it gets good

I want it good now.

'Bad Before Good' by Day One. Total tune. And quite fitting for our political situation. 
Off to bed, am sick of today and moaning apathetic non-voters and vile right wingers. 
But first.....I own nothing yellow (except for a skirt and I didn't want to wear another skirt) so I had to make do with peach. 
I like chinos and peach. Peach is a good colour. I wish this top had longer sleeves to cover my 'man shoulders' and bulging biceps, but hey ho. I am also getting good wear out of my shoes; the DKNY Activ walking boots with heels; they are surprisingly comfy. It was nice to wear pale colours for a change.
Here I am doing the Dug 'Point!' move from Up. I love that film. I may have to watch it to make myself feel better about the vileness of the day. 'SQUIRREL!'
Goodnight y'all. I promise I'll be cheerier tomorrow.

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