Hold Your Colour

I am totally in love with a photo that I found in Vogue on their Catwalk Files page. It's of model Talisa Soto, shot in 1984 by Albert Watson, wearing a crazy colourful look including a coat by Liz Bruce. Anyone fancy helping me out with it, let me know! I love it. She looks like Rufio from Hook. Here's the cover. 
Today I was a bit lazy and just threw on a longline t-shirt. Except it is no ordinary t-shirt...
Psychedelic huh? I thought it deserved a massive picture. I did have my dearly loved 'Skittle' shoes (you know, the bright blue shoe-boots?) but I was too busy to change out of my Converse. I want some more Converse. Maybe red, or yellow. 
I bought this t-shirt from Topshop two years ago, when I was fatter, and am impressed that mad tribal prints are back. I can look cool again. My mum wants to steal it. She's already bought the same green Zara trousers as me. And I found her wearing grey jeggings tucked into shoe-boots yesterday. I've created a monster. Or did she create me?


  1. what a sweet shirt! totally inspired by the vogue cover...like colour wise! :)

  2. Very 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' :)

  3. I have that top! For some strange reason I save it for fridays? I have no clue why?



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