'I'm a waitress. What the fuck are you?'

Ahhhhhhh 'tis the time for the ending of TV shows. Gossip Girl finale on Wednesday. True Blood finale last night. What am I gonna watch now? 
I am extremely fortunate to be in a house that has FX, so can get my fix of vampire goodness before most other people. I can laugh raucously at the bizarre machoness of Jason, swoon over the plethora of men (ok, maybe just three, but hey ho) and giggle like a schoolgirl every time Bill says 'Sookie'. 
And look on it for unlikely fashion advice. While most of the time the female cast go in for short 'n' tight, or cutesy little sundresses, this season has seen the welcome arrival of the ultimate plot catalyst; Maryann Forrester, hippy do-gooder by day, crazy party-throwing Greek mythic monster by night. She swans around with her long brunette hair flowing seductively, her maxi-dress du jour dragging through the mud, probably carrying some woodland creature that she came across in one of her expeditions. It'll probably be dead, and dinner. 
So tonight was her wedding to her dream lover and god, Dionysus. And she promptly stole someone else's wedding dress for the big event. 
Not that she doesn't look great. I just thought she might have gone in for something a big more Grecian. A bit quirky, earthy tones, drapes. A la Diane von Furstenberg. 
They've even got laurel wreaths! 
Ah well, whatever Maryanna fancies. She's been around long enough to know her style. 
PS I put up a quote from the episode as my status; Maryanna asks Sookie what she is and Sookie replies 'I'm a waitress. What the fuck are you?' So far I've had a wide variety of responses, and no-one has realised that I'm quoting yet. Because I suppose I am sort of a waitress. But I'm not a fairy.

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  1. I know I can't believe Gossip Girl is over already. So soon.

    Love the DVF dresses, the gold one is gorgeous. Want please.

    Hope you're well.

    Plus I want to see this maxi dress you bought. I need advice.

    Love Jojo xxxx


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