Maxi Ha Ha

Hurrah, an outfit post! After many many changes of top I finally found an outfit with my maxi-dress cum maxi-skirt that I was happy with. I think a v-neck long-sleeved white t-shirt is in order. Along with some moccasins. But this willl do for now. So I had some fun with it. 

This headdress is amazing. I bought it in Topshop about two years ago because I knew it would come in handy one day. Mostly I just put it on to cheer myself up. 

The earring, also from Topshop, is similarly ancient. I love how Navajo has come back round. The earrings are cheap and need to be re-strung but they have so much beading to play with I thought they'd be great to convert into a necklace if I never converted them into non-pierced earrings.       
Then there's this owl ring, from Accesorize. Again, quite old; I bought him when my fingers were thinner but now that it's summer (that's my excuse for fat fingers) I can wear him, again. With my new turquoise nail polish, Pure Turquoise from Barry M. It is exactly the shade of turquoise. Aces.

I went to see Robin Hood again and I want to go riding through fields with my bow and dancing merrily around a fire drinking mead even more than I did the last time I saw it. 
Oh, and I am actually running off (to London) until Wednesday so no post tomorrow either. Sorry all! I will be less lazy when I return.


  1. was Robin Hood any good?? I'm intrigued...
    Also, loving the owl ring- I'm fairly certain I had some sort of similar matching necklace....Xx


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