The monsters are crazy

A little musical entertainment....I have spent many a summer evening being driven home from a cricket match that my dad played in with Annie Lennox on the car stereo. She's one of a shortlist of defining artists that I grew up with and her music, and incredible voice, is beautiful and timeless.
Awww look! Dear little Winona. She gets abuse, but she's so flawless. 
But Annie's own videos are extra-special - theatric, mad and very Marie Antoinette. Head here for a video for 'No More 'I Love You's' (would embed but it's been disabled, lame. I wanted to see the theatrical awesomeness of this video lighting up my blog.)
There. That's better. And no, she's not appearing in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert any time soon. Though that would be amazing. 
So today, the hot spell we've been having broke a bit and it was cooler and cloudy. But that didn't stop me. I turned a few heads, for probably the wrong reasons. I'd seen a fab outfit that Carrie wears in the upcoming Sex and the City 2 and I wanted to do my own version. 
Here's Carrie, in Grazia....and here's me.
 I really liked the two hemlines, think it really slims the body down as you don't have your waist defined, which can cut you in half and only emphasise the difference between your waist and hip widths. It's a classic Gok Wan trick, and I hate it. Just one of Gok's tricks that I hate....
But yes, the contrasting hemlines. I love Carrie's top; sleeveless works well here as the sleeves on mine stop the eye from travelling naturally down the body. Maybe I'll buy another one of these and cut off the sleeves. 
The sandals are ollllld but this is the first time I've worn them. Elastic straps, tiny heel thus v comfy. Office saw fit to re-release them this season too. Smart move. May get them in black. 
And yes, the legs turned heads. I felt a bit self-conscious. On a sunny day this would have been fine. To be fair, they look way better here than they did when I left the house; the only pair of sheer tights I had were practically orange so I had to make a quick pit-stop from some normal-coloured ones. Phew. 
PS Look out for me in The Times tomorrow!

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