Nights in White Satin

It's so hot outside. Like summer. In May. When all the supermarkets are still calling price cuts 'spring rollbacks'. Rolling seasons, more like. 
So for once my subterranean place of work was a blessing as it was blissful cool. Unlike my south-facing bedroom. Whew. I need a fan. Held by some slab-muscled shirtless bloke.
Because of the heat (something like 21 degrees, yes I'm a proper Celtic Brit who can't handle anything about 15 degrees), I decided to let my squishy muscled arms out for some sunshine. 
This is a good dress. I found it in a Topshop sale about a yearand a half ago and decided it was a bit Kate Moss-like - droopy, grungy, cool. Though I'm not a fan of Moss. How sad am I? But it is cool, esp with the hemline. I have worn it without trousers before but felt the need to make it more work-appropriate. 
Frustrationnnnnnn! Mainly because someone has put binbags under our serving counters and I have no idea whose they are, where they are meant to go or how long they'll be there for. And because I am continually having disagreements with a certain someone and because it's going to be too hot to sleep tonight. I had such a gym craving earlier I could just pass the night doing sit-ups.

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