The Photo Editor gets confused

Perusing my weekly dose of magaziney goodness I remain eternally perplexed as to why magazines do black and white photography fashion stories. 

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's arty and, like, cool and stuff. And it works for some big name campaigns that feature predominantly black and white clothing anyway, such as the Chanel Cocoon bag shoots.

And it's not like the majority of women who buy these magazines can afford the stuff on those fashion pages anyway, so it's more about making pretty pages. 

But seriously, if you feature a black and white picture of, say, a colourful print dress, hoping to sell it, what the heck will the reader think when they get to the shop and discover it's actually pink and green? Confused? Conned? Annoyed? Sometimes functionality is better than presentation.

Or maybe it's a costcutting measure by the printers to save ink for the big glossy ads paying for the party. See, I was an editor, I know about this stuff.

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