Rockin' like a Hurricane

It was my mum's birthday yesterday (as you will have seen if you 'read' any of yesterday's posts and saw the goonish baby photo of me and her. So we went out for dinner, so I am a terrible lightweight and got all funny from one glass of Prosecco, and then ate a burger the size of my head (not really. I have a MASSIVE head. My mum kept telling me). So all I wanted to do when I got home was go to bed, but then there were presents, and then the rats wanted to come and play.
So I left out the outfit post for the day. After the last few days of depressed angry fatness I couldn't do any worse with my clothes. Yesterday was a mild improvement. I went back to my monochrome, inoffensive roots. Who was I kidding with all that safari stuff?
Hurrah! It felt good.
I really liked this top when I tried it on, because it shortens my freakishly long torso yet falls nicely over my hips. Maybe it looked best because I was wearing flats. It's probably just my self-destructive imagination. It's definitely the best length from the back, and the sides. Work on my posing. Watch ANTM. Not slouch. Bring my tripod to work.
Can't really concentrate at the moment because I've just had a further advancement in the news of awesomeness that will be coming your way next Wednesday. That's all I'm saying for now. Though the astute of you will know what it is already.
Anyhoo, yesterday's outfit was largely a success. My wonderful Lisbeth Salander boots (that look far more expensive than they actually were. Proenza Schouler, Wang and bikers everywhere eat your heart out.)  
And the beady-eyed of you will notice my cute new little friend hanging down my front (and back).
Here he is.
Isn't he cute? I bet half of you are yelling no girl he is fugly stop spending your money on ugly sh*t like this. Yeah, I've been reading info about my new favourite blogger-lady HalCoHolic on the internet. People are freakin' mean. I'm glad that I'm just a little blog and the only people who comment and/or follow seem to be my friends. Love you guys.
But the blog world is tough, man. There are some mean people out there. Those who don't appreciate a female rockstar's wife with a penchant for weird dead animal skull jewellery. That's Hallie, not me. She has some amazing links. I am wondering if I can afford something from her fave, Blood Milk. But since I am saving for my laptop, maybe not. Sigh. I'll just have to cast my own owl claw in bronze.
I am wearing lotsa jewellery again, which I love. I do love silver jewellery, don't know why I ever stopped as I have so many. Wait till you see. It's fun.
Also fun was my first foray into maxi-dresses, as inspired by Jojo of Jo's Clothes. I got this one months ago on Asos during their sale. It was in the style of Daisy Lowe, apparently. SOLD.
I did take some full length photos but they were pretty poor. So I took this one last night as the rats were playing on the floor. Having a big skirt is tricky. One went and hid under it while I was crouching down playing with the other one and I nearly jumped through my ceiling thinking there was a spider on my foot. I hate spiders. Scorpions, snakes and rats, np. Bird skulls cast in silver, np.
PS I am still chuckling about my post title. Where the heck is Gorky Park anyway?

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  1. Whoop whoop whoop. Firstly I love the top in the first pics, I love slouchy clothes.

    Secondly, OMG I remember this dress from ASOS I fell in love with it but decided it wouldn't suit me. However it looks flippin awesome on you. Love how it works with your hair.

    Love Jojo xxx


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