'Shut UP, Mimsy!'

RedHead had a little fun today, accompanied by the music of Martika and Wang Chung after work. 
She is also aware that she is going to have to up the style anti if she is to live up to her newfound awesome status (see above). She also aware that, despite this, her outfits have been a tad pedestrian, and she remembers Marina Diamandis' advice that your possessions may possess you. And she also remembers Clairee from Steel Magnolias' wise words that 'the only thing that seperates us from the animals is our ability to accessorise'.
RedHead asks that you remember that she does work in a cafe so it's difficult to wear fabulously exciting machine-washable clothes. But she will try. Oh she will. For she loves her followers and readers and is shamed by all the other bloggers out there, who are so filled with pure grade A awesomeness. 
So, thankyou, dear friends. 
Damn, I really do love to talk in the third person.
PS The post title is in reference to a South Park episode that is much-quoted by a friend of mine. I had a post titling failure.

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