Tear Us Apart...Again...

I know it's sacrilege, but I absolutely love the cover of Joy Division's original Love Will Tear Us Apart, done by Broken Social Scene for The Time Traveller's Wife. It's so weird and ambient. 
It was effing cold today (my sensible colleague was wearing a wooly jumper), hope it perks up over the weekend but who am I kidding? I'll just wear the same old thing as usual and not doing anything interesting. 
I started off wearing a homage to one of those two very stylish ladies I posted yesterday, but a) it looked like something I've worn many times before and b) it was raining and I would get wet ankles. Plus I haven't worn this top for a while. It's got a really itchy label in the back. Ugh. Why do they make itchy labels? They should put them only in v expensive clothes to make us feel guilty. 
Or on expensive and fabulous pieces of jewellery... 
Hellz yeah. 
Golly, proper Goth day. And it's meant to be May as well! Oh wait, this is England. Darn. Shouldn't have bought all those shorts and sandals.

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