Thankyou, whoever you are, for our new tablecloth

Ooh look, another lovely piece of high street thievery....
Whoah, whose the bloke in the dress on the Christopher Kane runway?
No offence Topshop; checks were obviously and are obviously going to be big news everywhere, and this lovely blue sleeveless number is the best I could find. It's bloody short, and looks shorter when you wear a lonnnnnnnnng jacket. Oh my gosh, must link the song; Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake.

But yes, the dress. I had to wear my trusty black blazer as I am still too lazy to get my leather jacket cleaned and I find it very hard to wear light feminine things without trying to toughen them up. It's tough. Why do I insist on cutting my hair so short? Or why do I insist on buying dresses and skirts? 
I started out in the brown wedges in the second picture, but discovered that they actually wanted to eat holes in my feet after a while so I had to buy some emergency pumps. Well, I needed new pumps anyway; they are wonderful things. The sandals in the first picture were part of today's haul; Urban Outfitters sale. 
Incidentally, today's haul did not include a maxi-skirt, and today's Times Magazine did have a feature on them.


  1. I saw the dress in topshop and thought it was very little J series 2 whilst working at Eleanors! Tried it on but due to my height it barely covered the top of my pants, let alone beyond my bum, so that was a no-go!!

  2. I can't crouch down and am constantly pulling the back down, but hey ho :)

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