The times they are a'changing

Ron Burgundy had never heard that song. I sure have.
I have spent the vast part of the day that is the afternoon having several heated arguments with people who are at least disinterested in voting (as today, in Britain, is Poll Day, when the country does its darndest to elect a new leader), and also having a discussion with a volatile acquaintance which started off as being about tax, but concluded with me feeling as if my goals, inferior knowledge of investment and the FTSE, and basically entire self are inferior. Why, I ask. Because I live in some urban backwater with Mum and Dad and because I skip right over the business section? Because I don't want to work in a profession that unfairly doles out money to undeserving individuals? (Note, the person in question is not a premier league footballer) Because I like fashion, and would like to work in it, or would happily spend the next ten years working in a valued yet assisting role?
I see the future, people. It's cutthroat. It's cutthroat in a way that combines Emily from The Devil Wears Prada with Predator. But as the country veers towards the kind of disinterest and disatisfaction that would be a perfect staging point for some kind of graphic novel (V! Rorschach! Come and play, take me with you!) is it better to tell it like it is, to suck it up and get on? Is the time of being an idealistic dreamer, who wants to move to London and work in fashion, over? Should I try to figure out how to add, become a soul-less corporate puppet, go on the McDonald's managerial scheme, go back to uni, pretend to be someone I'm not?
Or, as Sally Brown suggest, should I turn the tv up loud, crawl into a beanbag with a bowl of icecream and don't think about it?
Right, where are the Kettle Chips?
Here's Sally, reading the Jobs section.


  1. The phrase 'Be yourself' comes to mind (yes, its nont a phrase. it contains a verb, but shhh. i dont dont the english)
    However, i cannot really talk from a point of experiance since i'm still very much a child/school pupil. But i can talk from opinion and my opinion is that you shouldnt allow yourself to be forced into undesirable jobs/ lifestyle to live a life of regret. Stick with what you want and oppertunitys will present themselves.
    That or use your ability to see the future to solve/prevent crimes.

  2. You are wise, small Brian May haired child.

  3. hey its very enlightening that a young women takes interest in politics and participate actively in their community. :) im so sick of girls taking the backseat role..and youths nowadays not voting because its not the cool thing to do.



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