Turn three times, may the Lord Saints preserve us!

Scrubs was on at work today and I remembered why I occassionally love it; the producers are the bomb at selecting music. Here was today's offering. It's beautiful. I love Peter Gabriel's voice, and anything with violin instrumental sections. 
I then went on to watch Master and Commander with my family, including my grandddad who's ex-Navy and a bit deaf and confused, so we pick simple films with lots of chases and explosions that he can read the paper along to. He seems to enjoy it. But Master and Commander has a lot of mournfully wonderful violin usage in it too.
It's also decidedly kick-ass and awesome due to a massive amount of camaraderie, good natured shouting, dramatic screenshots and men being men. Makes me want to be one a bit. They do look like they have fun. 
But they aren't the type that would have the time to stop and appreciate a beautiful cloudscape like this. 
Look at all those churches! I work in an interesting location; right next to the Catholic cathedral, and two churches, and underneath a chapel.

A chapel that gets all covered in ivy in the spring. It's very cool and atmospheric. In the winter the windows are lit orange, like beacons. 

I myself am slightly Belisha Beacon today with the orange hair and the stripey body. It's my fallback look. It may have been May Day but the weather certainly decided to do what it normally does and plunge us back into wintry showers and wind for a little bit. Ah well. We must respect Eywa.

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